Diverse Experience

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Student Affairs ensures that students with specific physical needs are supported to have a more quality student life. Additionally, we encourage organized faith-based services through clubs (i.e. CSA, SDA, and C.U.) for a variety of belief systems, so that each student may seek support through the religious institution most familiar to them. One of our major campus events i.e. Talent Week and Cultural Night Event promotes talent and celebrates culture amongst our university students.


Student Mind and Body

Both physical and mental health care to students is important to KCA University, Western Campus. We offer counseling services to assist students with the vital life decisions for which they are suddenly responsible. It also provides a vital outlet for students who seek to balance the pressures of academia with interpersonal relationships and the requirements of employment. Students also have affordable treatment options for physical illness and injury, which provides substantial support to their mental wellbeing.


Student Work Study (WSP) and Student Employment Programmes (SEP)

The Work Study Programme provides part-time job opportunities for students with financial needs, enabling them to earn money that can help pay up their tuition fees.


The Student Employment Programme is the newest addition to the Western Campus, Kisumu. This is a skill based programme where students have the opportunity to access mentors as they grow their career and job experience at the same time add value to their alma mater.


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